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Saturday, August 11, 2007


With players who can mate George mwangi in a rapid game and some master drawculas in kenyan eastates who needs to read chess books. Paul maloba recently visited some kenyan Mtaa and if he thought being a kenyan number eleven would scare this street chess players he was in for a suprise.

Maloba and pals playing 'conventional chess'.

By paul Maloba
In my recent visit to Uhuru estate, Jeri, I met the real street chess.

a group of chess players, Geoffrey omondi- currently at Strathmore University, Bruno (The master drawer)- Am told he is more Drawcula than Singe, Ngunjiri Harry- Formerly of Moi University, Tom Amwai - formerly of Moi University, Jose and two other guys whos names I've forgotten.

theirs is street chess coz they dont play opening theory (due to lack of books - infact they are saying that this is their biggest undoing), there are no clocks but they play long games. these guys meet every day (its a club mtaani where anyone neighbour goes to play) informally at individual's homes and they have more thirst for the game than some of the mainstream chess players, their fear though is that the lack of books and theory will really be their undoing if they dare show up in tournaments.

I played Bruno (the drawcula) and I can ascertain that he is truly hard, if these guys show up in a tournament there will be some major upsets. George Mwangi played Geoffrey a rapid game in an armature tournament at UON last Saturday and he got Mated! (Geoffrey won the tournament with a 100 percent score- this happened to be his first tournament)

they have already made inquiries on boards (through the 1,000K Singe foundation boards) and clocks but most of all books. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, float them in.

these guys will be showing up at the Checkmated Tournament on 18th next weekend.

George Mwangi also told me of a group of street players existing at Kangemi (bordering and oftenly playing with Vet MED Students).

Chess has a chance to grow, and its already found in our Streets!!

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