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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chess Social Responsibility(CSR)

Recently the local chess community organized themselves to give back to society. The event dubbed the chess social responsibility or CSR. Purity Gachiga, Githinji Hinga and a few other chessers visited Kibera's LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL and made the children very happy. Here are a few photos of the event.

The deaf/dumb kids with their teacher(in red)

Gitinji giving the students their first chess lessons

Eldoret Chess Pictures

Geoffrey 'Eku' Dokoria emailed me this pictures of Eldoret open some time back but i have failed to post them. Enjoy

Ben Nguku relaxes when not playing and probably no blitzers were around.

George Mwangi in his usual concentrative style slugs out aganaist Magana

One of the many players who turned up to play

Chess Kenya Cancels National Championsips

By Mehul Gohil

CK have again for the millionth time not kept their word...they have postponed the national champs to December, and who knows if it will happen even then. Last year we had no national championships.

Plus, having rescheduled the first phase olympiad qualifier to the june Kenya Open event they have left those in the working class in an imbroglio...it's good to inform your HR department as to what your leave dates are. But CK's indecisiveness and disorganised timetable is of no help here. I will go for the June 1 event as I have applied for leave then but will most likely have no way to attend the 2nd part of the qualifiers. Plus, this much touted African Team Championships is in September...shouldn't the national team have been in place by now so that training can begin in earnest?? This dilly dalying will only make us weaker when the African champs arrives. Or maybe KCB team has already been designated as the national team..who knows?

I remember last week at checkmates I had a discussion with Peter Munyasi on the pros and cons of organising a parallel event over the may 1 holidays. I told him we should let CK have the benefit of the doubt and not 'sabotage' their May 1 event with a more lucrative parallel one. He expressed the opinion that CK may not even have an event. His hunch has turned out to be correct. Now all we get is a one day rapid thing. To me it's becoming apparent that when these public holidays come around we should not waste our time waiting for CK to organise something, they come up with BS time and again...we should take the matter into our own hands and organise our own stuff.

Like this December dates, I am prepared to get a tournament organised right on the same dates as this alleged Kenya champs. We can get the sponsors ourselves and have a lucrative enough prize fund. We should not waste time with CK. Next time I will listen to Peter Munyasi.

From chess Kenya to all players

> Rapid Individual/Team Chess Championship 2009
> Dates: 1st May
> Venue: West Breeze Hotel,Upperhill,Nairobi
> Registration fees: Kshs 500( free lunch for all players)
> Prize giving ceremony for the 2008/9 National Chess League will be
> held the same day at the same venue at 6pm.
> Entry form to follow shortly
> World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad Qualifiers/Junior
> Open
> Dates: April 25 & 26
> Venue: Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary
> World Youth Chess Championship 2009 Final Qualifiers
> Dates: May 16 & 17
> CK Youth Committee to release info soon
> Kenya Open Chess Championship 2009
> Event will be used as the 1st phase Olympiad qualifier
> Dates: May 30,31 & June 1
> More information to follow soon
> Due to unavoidable circumstances,the National Chess Championships
> which were scheduled for the long Labour Day holiday have been moved
> to December.The revised calendar of events will be out before Monday
> Regards,

Rare Chess Stamp

Chess Leo says he has this stamp from the British virgin islands. Anyone out there with similar stamps depicting chess.

Nairobi Chess League

The Kim Bhari organized Nairobi Chess League has got underway with a great start. Here is the update.

By Kim Bhari

Still no draw. I guess I made a mistake to start with the Berger tables for only 7-8 players.

On Saturday 18 April 09 I had 8 teams and thought that was it and used 7-8 Berger tables to make a draw. Big mistake. I should have used the one for 9-10 players becasue on afternoon of 18 April I got team number 9 and then today afternoon I got team number 10!!!

You will notice the pattersn for the two tables are quite different. painful. At times the colours change for the team between tables. See team 5 and 8. the colour swaps round in the next table. My problem is that team 5 and 8 have already played. Do i make them play again??

Next complication is that we can only accomdate 8 teams per afternoon which means only 4 matches instead of 5 due to space and tables. So i have to prepare pairing cards and do the pairing for next two rounds considering the constraints. I have also asked two teams to rest tomorrow which is a third variable which means trying to go back to the berger tables is tough.

Lesson learnt

Always use a higher pairing table for league events. George Mwangi take note. I will retire soon.

7 & 8 Players

1 1:8 2:7 3:6 4:5
2 8:5 6:4 7:3 1:2
3 2:8 3:1 4:7 5:6
4 8:6 7:5 1:4 2:3
5 3:8 4:2 5:1 6:7
6 8:7 1:6 2:5 3:4
7 4:8 5:3 6:2 7:1

9 & 10 Players

1 1:10 2:9 3:8 4:7 5:6
2 10:6 7:5 8:4 9:3 1:2
3 2:10 3:1 4:9 5:8 6:7
4 10:7 8:6 9:5 1:4 2:3
5 3:10 4:2 5:1 6:9 7:8
6 10:8 9:7 1:6 2:5 3:4
7 4:10 5:3 6:2 7:1 8:9
8 10:9 1:8 2:7 3:6 4:5
9 5:10 6:4 7:3 8:2 9:1

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanyama Wins East African Chess Championships

By James Ssekandi

Harold Wanyama 6.5pts
Patrick Kawuma 6.5pts Bob Bibasa 6 pts
Isaac Munanira 6 pts
Rajab Kamoga 6 pts

Harold Wanyama edged Bob Bibasa in the final game of the last round to win the 4th edition of the East Africa Chess Championship on Monday evening at Lugogo indoor stadium.

Wanyama tied on points with tournament surprise package and junior champion Patrick Kawuma at 6.5 out of the 8 rounds but edged the latter on a Bucholz tie break.

On his way to victory, Wanyama downed Stephen Bwire, I Bob Bibasa

van Meri, Fred Okiring, Atwooli Akello, Rajab Kamoga and Bob Bibasa. He drew with Kenya‘s Nathan Ateka and lost only once to Patrick Kawuma in a second round game that was billed as the biggest upset of the tournament.

Second-placed Kawuma beat Mohamed Omwony, Wanyama, Kenneth Ouma, Walter Okas, Simon Gonza and drew with Kenya‘s Ben Magana. He only lost to Isaac Munanira.

In the ladies category, Kenya’s Janet Rosana emerged winner in a 12 round robin competition. The Kenyan won 9 games and lost two.

Monday, April 13, 2009

University Of Nairobi Chess Championships

George Mwangi organized a very successful tournament at the university of Nairobi. Here are the results.

By George Mwangi
Once again,I would like to thank all those who took time apart to participate.Below is a summary of the winners.The REUTERS guys came as expected.They were covering Kabete CARES chess club's participation in the event.It was part of a bigger story that will take some time to be released.
I will foward some photos from the event later.
Open Category:
1.Muchai James 6.0 U.o.N
2.Obadiah Okeyo 6.0 U.o.N
3.Duncan Gichana 6.0 KCA University
Ladies Category:
1.Rehema Maria 4.0 K.U.
2.Nancy Mogire 3.0 U.o.N
Sarah Wanga 3.0 U.o.N
There were 43 participants in total with a record 7 ladies taking part,among them a 14year old Kabete CARES member,Stella.
We look foward to working the entire chess community to take chess to higher levels.

Happy Easter

I wish to take this moment to wish all my readers, friends, family and chess enthusiasts a blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Jedis Rant

(No other chess player has more rants and raves than Mehul Gohil, here is one of his classics posted recently in a Kenyan chess forum.)

By Mehul Gohil
It is soon becoming apparent that tournaments will one day become the privy of sponsored institutional outfits....look like you will have to be a member of KCB, NBK or some other institutional ta, if you are to afford playing in Kenyan tournaments. CK has repeatedly failed to look at creative ways to solve this ever occurring impasse. They need to find some creative way to get guys to become members. CK is pretty daft if it cannot realize that chess players are not golf players. Chess players hang around in joints like downtown pub not Muthaiga golf and country club.

I don't see why anyone would cough up 1800/= for a smallish rift valley open. I now think the 'RODRIGUEZ' idea of holding the weekly rapid mug tournaments should be implemented by CK...at least on a bi-weekly basis. Half the entry fee for these tornas can go towards paying up an individuals CK membership...I can assure CK if they did this within 2 months they would have 30-40 extra members all FULLY PAID UP via their entry fees. Rodriguez may have been swamp thing in off the board matters but clearly he knew how to bring in the kudos via tournaments, I think even johnny will agree with that one.

Furthermore, are CK even INTERESTED in guys becoming members????

I sent CK an email last week asking if I can check in my CK membership via MPESA to one of the official's phones and they can't even bother to reply. Do they want me as a member or not? What the hell is wrong with these guys? Can that fred guy come here and explain why CK is not interested in me paying up my 2400/= membership fees when I want to. Looks like CK has some pretty rotten organization skills. They should be bending over backwards to collect my membership. Looks like all this talk by Ambasi that guys should become members is turning out to be BS. I can't believe it...there you are ready to fork out money for membership and CK is not interested in taking it!!

Ouma Wins Nakuru Open

Steve Ouma finally answered his critics with a dazzling display of almost flawless chess to be crowned the Nakuru Open champ in the two day event played over the weekend at the Midland hotel,Nakuru.

Steve was paired against Wang'ombe Mugo in round five and drew against his rather stubborn opponent after having an upper hand most of the time in the game.In the final round he overcame reigning Mombasa Opem champion,Akello Atwoli to claim his first major title in his chess career spanning over 12 years.

He gannered 5.5 points but was placed ahead of Wangombe Mugo on Bulcholtz as National Bank of Kenya dominated the event taking the top two positions.

The event was sponsored by Rift Valley Machinery Services Ltd,this being the eleventh time in twelve years.The tournament attracted 30 players.

Winner's in the various categories were:


1st: Steve Ouma: 5.5 pts: NBK
2nd: Wang'ombe Mugo: 5.5 pts:NBK
3rd: Moses Andiwo: 5.0 pts: Nakuru Chess Club


1st: Janet Rosana: 3.0 pts
2nd: Elizabeth Thiaka: 2.5 pts
3rd: Rose Wabuti: 2.0 pts

Under 23 years:

Jackson Kamau: 4.0 pts
Alfansus Mwaura: 1.5 pts