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Monday, April 13, 2009

University Of Nairobi Chess Championships

George Mwangi organized a very successful tournament at the university of Nairobi. Here are the results.

By George Mwangi
Once again,I would like to thank all those who took time apart to participate.Below is a summary of the winners.The REUTERS guys came as expected.They were covering Kabete CARES chess club's participation in the event.It was part of a bigger story that will take some time to be released.
I will foward some photos from the event later.
Open Category:
1.Muchai James 6.0 U.o.N
2.Obadiah Okeyo 6.0 U.o.N
3.Duncan Gichana 6.0 KCA University
Ladies Category:
1.Rehema Maria 4.0 K.U.
2.Nancy Mogire 3.0 U.o.N
Sarah Wanga 3.0 U.o.N
There were 43 participants in total with a record 7 ladies taking part,among them a 14year old Kabete CARES member,Stella.
We look foward to working the entire chess community to take chess to higher levels.


GIGATECH said...

Congratulation to the Muchai and Odadiah of University of Nairobifor doing us proud. keep it up

Anonymous said...

kenyanchessblog.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...
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