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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ouma Wins Nakuru Open

Steve Ouma finally answered his critics with a dazzling display of almost flawless chess to be crowned the Nakuru Open champ in the two day event played over the weekend at the Midland hotel,Nakuru.

Steve was paired against Wang'ombe Mugo in round five and drew against his rather stubborn opponent after having an upper hand most of the time in the game.In the final round he overcame reigning Mombasa Opem champion,Akello Atwoli to claim his first major title in his chess career spanning over 12 years.

He gannered 5.5 points but was placed ahead of Wangombe Mugo on Bulcholtz as National Bank of Kenya dominated the event taking the top two positions.

The event was sponsored by Rift Valley Machinery Services Ltd,this being the eleventh time in twelve years.The tournament attracted 30 players.

Winner's in the various categories were:


1st: Steve Ouma: 5.5 pts: NBK
2nd: Wang'ombe Mugo: 5.5 pts:NBK
3rd: Moses Andiwo: 5.0 pts: Nakuru Chess Club


1st: Janet Rosana: 3.0 pts
2nd: Elizabeth Thiaka: 2.5 pts
3rd: Rose Wabuti: 2.0 pts

Under 23 years:

Jackson Kamau: 4.0 pts
Alfansus Mwaura: 1.5 pts

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