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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Jedis Rant

(No other chess player has more rants and raves than Mehul Gohil, here is one of his classics posted recently in a Kenyan chess forum.)

By Mehul Gohil
It is soon becoming apparent that tournaments will one day become the privy of sponsored institutional outfits....look like you will have to be a member of KCB, NBK or some other institutional ta, if you are to afford playing in Kenyan tournaments. CK has repeatedly failed to look at creative ways to solve this ever occurring impasse. They need to find some creative way to get guys to become members. CK is pretty daft if it cannot realize that chess players are not golf players. Chess players hang around in joints like downtown pub not Muthaiga golf and country club.

I don't see why anyone would cough up 1800/= for a smallish rift valley open. I now think the 'RODRIGUEZ' idea of holding the weekly rapid mug tournaments should be implemented by CK...at least on a bi-weekly basis. Half the entry fee for these tornas can go towards paying up an individuals CK membership...I can assure CK if they did this within 2 months they would have 30-40 extra members all FULLY PAID UP via their entry fees. Rodriguez may have been swamp thing in off the board matters but clearly he knew how to bring in the kudos via tournaments, I think even johnny will agree with that one.

Furthermore, are CK even INTERESTED in guys becoming members????

I sent CK an email last week asking if I can check in my CK membership via MPESA to one of the official's phones and they can't even bother to reply. Do they want me as a member or not? What the hell is wrong with these guys? Can that fred guy come here and explain why CK is not interested in me paying up my 2400/= membership fees when I want to. Looks like CK has some pretty rotten organization skills. They should be bending over backwards to collect my membership. Looks like all this talk by Ambasi that guys should become members is turning out to be BS. I can't believe it...there you are ready to fork out money for membership and CK is not interested in taking it!!

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