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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Chess kenya new officials were elected last weekend.The elections were not without controversy though.
Andolo ambasi was elected the new chess kenya chairman with lawrance kagambi retaining the powerfull secretary general post. The complex issue of who should vote and membership was still not resolved and the constitution designed by Soulman and Mehul thrown to the back banner.

By Ben Magana

The suprise SGM at Nyayo stadium took place Sunday from 3.30pm.The
perennial problem of time-keeping was evident,as the meeting kicked off
90min late.

Just before the meeting got underway,a KNSC official,Mr James,asked
everyone at the Nyayo boardroom to use the d-file to exit the room so that
they could enter according to the delegates' list. Delegates were from
clubs playing in the league, and the boardroom was well filled.
Impressively,there was representation from places like Mombasa, Mt Kenya &
Eastern regions of the country.

Outgoing chairman Luruti directed proceedings. There were 3 agendas:
1. Confirming minutes of last AGM
2. Adopting members of Governing Council
3. Elections

1. Minutes for last AGM had many typos - poor job done there.
Nonetheless, minutes were adopted

2. Mr Ambasi wanted Governing Council to include former CK chairs.
Returning officer for the day, Mr Nyaberi of KNSC, advised against
that,arguing that former chairs may scheme to create another power centre
within CK. The current constitution sez that members of provincial CK
branches + CK exec members are the ones to be in the Council.It was agreed
that the Council issue should be postponed until structures are set up

3. RO,the physically huge Mr Nyaberi,took firm charge at this
point.There were 29 delegates counted,plus 5 or so observers. Interestingly,
there was no voting that took place because only one contestant had
declared candidature 4each post (power-sharing?).

Chair - Andolo Ambasi
Vice chair - F Ngesa
Secretary - L Kagambi
Treasurer - F Orawo
Asst Treasurer - Odiah Babu
Comm members - S Ouma & Mary Onyango

The only time that people were called 2vote was when the 3rd slot for
comm member was to b filled.A gent who's name I forget was being
objected to - some felt that he's not dedicated enough to chess.A vote of
18-10 bore that out.

New chair,Ambasi,boldly declared his vision 4chess,including the fact
that in the future Kenya must get an IM & GM.
Good luck,sir!

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