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Monday, May 3, 2010

Athur Ssegwanyi Wins Founders Memorial Tournament.

Athur Ssegwanyi won the innagural founders memorial tournament held over the may day holiday. Athur a makerere university student dispatched a strong opposition including Harold wanyama and peter gilruth.Here is what Ben Magana called his drunken report after obviously taking one too many pilsners.The organizers were quite selfless in their duties.A big thx to the main sponsor Mehul aka Whiskerat aka Assassin aka HalfTail aka Gorilla for your generosity.Thx also to George, Purity, Babu & Githinji for the day-to-day running of things and handling logistics.
Arthur Ssegwanyi of UG won after dispatching Gilruth in the last round. Who is Arthur? A Makerere Uni student,maybe 21 yrs old. He stars 4 the Makerere team together with Patu Kawuma (remember him?). Pre-tona favourite Wanyama ran into the Kenya Roadblock Triumvirate of Gilruth, Kanegeni & Magnum (0, 0.5, 0.5) and hence got slowed down.
After 5 rounds, Gilruth was in the sole lead with 4.5 but somehow lost his final 2 games to me and Arthur.I mated my good pal Gilruth with 4sec left on my clock - I actually stole the game, confirming one of my worst fears, that I have kleptomaniac tendencies!Gilruth had also swindled an obviously-winning Wanyama. Mehul recovered well from his blitz debacle to play some decent chess on Sunday. However,the klepto in me saw to it that Mehul got pick-pocketed in our game, despite my dubious knight sac.
Steve Ouma was an early pace-setter after beating me and drawing Gilruth, but I guess the heights made him dizzy,& he crashed back to earth with a mighty THUD! Strong Ben was gutted after his loss to Obutu on Saturday,& this no doubt went a long way in explaining his no-show on Sunday.
The tomato-brained GiTinji had a remarkable charge of 4 straight victories in rounds 3-6,and narrowly missed out on the prizes after drawing in the last round.No doubt the highlight of his tourney was his stunning double-piece-sac victory over Mehul.This is the most brilliant, audacious and imperious local game I have seen in some years!! Orgasmic stuff,I tell you.Also worthy of the most brilliant game was Jonah Lang at s smooth victory over CK SecGen L Kagambi.

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