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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All African Games Kenyan Contigent

Chess was the last discipline to name it's team to the AAG. After a two day marathon the old dogs of Kenyan chess made it to the finals.

Men’s Team:

Part of the men's team during a previous event.

  1. Mehul Gohil
  2. Martin Gateri
  3. Joseph Atwoli
  4. Ben Magana
  5. Githinji Hinga (reserve)

Women’s Team:

  1. Isabelle Asiema
  2. Rehema Kimulu
  3. Gweyani Jumba
  4. Purity Gachigi
  5. Rose Wabuti (reserve)

Team Manager: Francis Ngesa

Team Coach: John Mukabi

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