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Friday, February 19, 2016

The 6th Capablanca Cup

Braeburn School on Gitanga road, Nairobi will this weekend play host to the 6th Capablanca Cup organised by Kim Bhari under the auspices of Nairobi Chess Club.
The two-day six round FIDE-rated event will be part of the Grand Prix circuit being used to select players for the national team, and is expected to attract a huge number of participants, more so being the first open tournament of the year.
According to the veteran player cum organiser, the tournament will be run on the Swiss system using accelerated pairing, and will be divided into the prestige, open, ladies and the under 14 sections. The U14 will however not be FIDE-rated and will be played on Sunday only.
Entry fee has been capped at Sh1,500 for the prestige section, Sh1,000 for the open, Sh900 for the ladies and Sh850 for the U14 but there is an option of paying Sh1,800, Sh1,600, Sh1,300 and Sh1,200 respectively that includes NCC membership until August 2016. The time control per player to finish a game will be 90 minutes apart from the U-14 who shall be allocated 25 minutes each. No walkover time shall be applicable during the rounds and the expiry of an absentee time shall determine the result of the game.
The entrants and standings can be viewed here

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