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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


After Paul Maloba unearthed street chess players in Nairobi, this theme seems to be very popular. The New York times and the Washington Post have done comprehensive articles on this topic plus the one and only Larry Khaduli has unearthed more in Siaya!

Little Daddy, who said he started playing street chess in 1976, said he won about 80 percent of the time. A crucial part of the game is not to win too quickly, he said. “You make the games close,” he said. “You don’t want to crush them. You want to leave their ego intact, because you want to keep them coming back.”

In my recent visit to Uhuru estate, Jeri, I met the real street chess.a group of chess players, Geoffrey omondi- currently at Strathmore University, Bruno (The master drawer)- Am told he is more Drawcula than Singe, Ngunjiri Harry- Formerly of Moi University, Tom Amwai - formerly of Moi University, Jose and two other guys whos names I've forgotten.READ MORE

Paul Maloba and pals playing chess. Larry Khaduli whose article is written below is seated on the right.

Russian Paul and Little Daddy – the NYC chess scene
September is a time of rebirth for chess. With schools back in session, students are returning to their chess clubs. Some of those students may be dreaming of vying for the title, now held by Vladimir Kramnik. More likely is that they will someday vie for a few dollars in Union Square Park in Lower Manhattan against the likes of a man known as Russian Paul. The New York Times reports.

The Days and Knights of Tom Murphy
Chess players and hustlers come from all over to be part of Dupont Circle's famed scene. For some, leaving is much harder.
By Wells Tower
Sunday, September 30, 2007; Page W08

IN DUPONT CIRCLE, AN INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING HAS BEEN OPERATING UNOFFICIALLY ALONG THE PARK'S EASTERN PERIMETER FOR THE PAST THREE DECADES OR SO. Known to its habitues as the Chess University of Dupont Circle, the school has neither walls nor accreditation. Its campus and physical plant consist of little more than the 10 uncomfortable concrete table-and-chair sets that line the arc of sidewalk on the circle between New Hampshire Avenue and P Street NW. READ MORE

street chess? no way, here we talk of footpaths etc......its simply chess.i have just received a call from an old friend JOS ,we met and actually were both very active members of eldoret chess club,ambasi, muge ,maloba ,lukoye, mwashe na wengine might remember the guy,
he is now teaching somewhere in siaya........geography/mathematics and yes oh yes CHESS!!
who is that who was doubting the Extend to which chess is played?
he has already assembled 15 chess players who meet regularly ,they include teachers, students and local professionals,
now this are the true scouts, working away from any limelight.......but their contribution is priceless ,
JOS tells me he has two pressing issues that are stunting the development of the game
1.he has only one chess board...during full house ,a guy waits for eternity to get his turn
2.they are moving to the next level and need a constitution to register a chess club.

i need people to walk with me and provide some support,
please talk to me singe ,we need some boards ,destination siaya...
johny, can i get some copies of constitutions ck ,or whatever.......

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