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Friday, November 23, 2007


Here is a summary of the going ons in the kenyan chess circles.
1. The youth team is involved in the world youth championship ( see below).
2. Larry Kagambi lost the Makadara Civic seat on a PNU ticket. Nothing is known if he will decamp to another party or will throw in in the towel and settle for the Patzer politics of chess kenya.
3. Some kenyan players have placed wagers on who will wiin the world championships between Anand and Kramnik. Interesting stuff with Magana going for Kramnik am keeping my fingers crossed.
4. Finaaly checkmates club hosts THE RETURN OF THE PATZERS rapid tournament on sunday 25th November. Entry fee is Ksh 300 plus free lunch.

Larry Kagambi discovered he was still a patzer in real kenyan politics. The Grandmasters of makadara politics demoted larry to third place in the Harambee ward.

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