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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Garry Kasparov being arrested.
Its a sad development but kasparov should have known better, as one blogger said Kasparov may not be "crazy," but he has a number of characteristics that show up in DSM IV. If he were not the world's greatest chess player, he'd just be a very unpleasant guy to be around, constantly trying to prove himself right about everything. The same goes for a very disproportionate number of chess players - all left brain, no emotional intelligence.

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GMI Jean-Luc CHABANON said...

Gary Kasparov was in Paris the 21 th novembre. On this video, you can see what he said about the dangers of his situation. It was just 3 days before his arrestation in Moscow. Gary Kasparov : The "King" in Danger

GMI Jean-Luc Chabanon for Echecs-Académie