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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Obituary:Alex makatia

If chess is a science, it's a most inexact one. If chess is an art, it's too exacting to be seen as one. If chess is a sport, it's too a esoteric. If chess is a game, it's too demanding to be *just* a game. If chess is a mistress, she's a demanding one. If chess is a passion, it's a rewarding one. If chess is life, it's a sad one. “ANONYMOUS

I first heard of alex makatia in the 1990’s when I used to read chess articles in the nation, standard and the now unpublished economist magazine. Back then I had only learned chess and newspapers articles being the only source of chess information for me I came to know of Kenyan players who I was to meet later

Before I met makatia I had interacted with him through his twin websites; his personal website and checkmates club website. I met him for the first time during the 2005 Kenya open and he impressed me by his personality and enthusiasm. He talked to me in a great length about chess history, chess in general and much more.

His contribution to Kenyan chess will not be forgotten and his commitment to bring Kenyan chess to the web was a step in the right direction.

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