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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Uganda Easter open: full pictorial

The easter Ugandan tournament had its fair share of drama. And as Paul maloba reports in this pictorial there was more than just chess in this tournament.

Very happy Ben Magana (Ken) and Raphael Buti (Ug) Before the beginning of their last rounds. They had just feasted on Matoke and Rolex (some serious Ugandan delicacy)

John Mukabi, and Paul Maloba sandwiching the Chairman of Uganda Chess Federation, Joseph Kaamu. The big embrace.

Luggya Vianney (Secretary UCF), Kisuze Stephen and Isaac Babu (Chief Arbiter and CK official). They are trying get an award winning posture: ' the half akimbo sneer' we are in charge here…

After the side shows there was a calm start to the games, with official Isaac Babu left making the first ceremonial move in the game Raphael Buti right Vs Paul Maloba. Grace Nsubuga right in the next board with the black pieces and his trademark 'rag sac that don't come out' at his back

Touch move :The ladies too started their games in one peace or is it piece…

The top boards, Ben Magana Vs Shadrack Kantiti (pirc defense)and Hassan Mulambe (checked shirt) Vs Michael Mawanda in next board.

The games have now reached middle game, and from ladies to gents the pressure could be felt, crowds begun gathering round some of boards in curiosity.

Paul Maloba left Vs Raphael Buti with Isaac Munanira in the next board handling the white pieces
…as the clock ticked away, opponents started holding their heads in deep thought.First this one…

…and after the move, its your turn to hold your head.

But slowly attention started shifting to the top boards and crowds gathered to witness.Ben Magana wanted to stand out from the crowd so he came dressed screaming yellow …No he is not a Kao. These people have no brotherly love!? They've gone for each others throat In the foreground is Isaac Munanira left Vs grace Nsubuga Wait a minute…..
Magana has just pulled a move and everyone has run over to witness…

Nsubuga (with rag sac) too had to get a glimpse of this, Magana has just sacrificed a Night and is daring Kantiti to pick it …Hold on we are closing in to analyze this…

…Kantiti has just declined it and the crowd breaks the silence in murmurs, Raphael was being destructed by this he had to block his ears.Sorry the crowd has outmuscled the camera man so the best he can do is to take the shot from far… but you can as well admire the good looks Raphael and Maloba. Still you can tell that Magana is there somewhere, where there is a yellow colorThe camera man is seeking the arbiter's intervention to have a clearer pic…

Here it is atlast…Kantiti has just played Queen to a7, pinning the white Night, Magana (the one in yellow) is smelling blood and he is thirsty to draw it, he had a lot of practice with Ateka and believes pirc is weak…
(You are advised to put this game in fritz and analyze it for home practice – how to kill pirc) Mukabi was meant to do this annotation but by yesterday he said he needs another week to compile it so he will be sending it soon. Watch this space

The arbiter intervenes and chases away all players, this players are spitting fire… these people need oxygen to breath, 'vacate the room!'…Unfortunately Magana blundered away his queen due to constant stubbornness from Kantiti, Kantiti had the reins but had no time??!Imagine this… Kantiti had mate in one, but had no time! Magana has only his king Skirmishes broke, FIDE rules are being perused, … can Kantiti claim a win? The arbiter rules a draw and signs their score sheets.Mulambe steal the day with the first price of 7.5 Magana comes in clear second with 6.5.WHAT A TOURNAMENT!

Luggya, too amused as he signs away the cheques for the top prizes. "we should have this every month" he comments.

Foot note:
other strong players not featured here like Ben Nguku, Caleb Nyagwaya and Zachary Njuguna were not in the line of fire at the time.
Any player that may feel that his name has been mentioned in contempt, the writer apologizes in advance.This is a true story