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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Welcome to kenyan chess blog

"Chess is mental torture." -- KASPAROV


"If drink is the curse of the working classes and work is the curse of the drinking classes then chess is the curse of the thinking classes

-- J. Ross

My name is Edwin korir and am a great chess enthusiast. I started playing chess in 1997 and it has been a part of me ever since. I currently work in the Kenya armed forces.

My local chess club is burnt forest chess club situated in the back room of Dr kimutai lagats pharmacy. We currently have 5 active players; Dr lagat a pharmacist, Mr. arusei a high school teacher who learned his chess in India and used to play for cash in Bangalore casinos, Mr. babu a local barber and the strongest player, me and Samuel chebii a teacher.

It is very rare to find all of us together due to work demands. Our ‘strongest tournament’ was held in 12-12-03 a round robin with Ksh 1000 the prize money for the winner. At the end of the tournament there was no winner because we had all won, lost and drawn the same number of games, suffice to say the prize money was spend on tusker.

In this blog I will try to document Kenyan chess the best way I can. Welcome


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