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Monday, September 24, 2007


The chess Kenya AGM held on Saturday caused a lot of complications that the elections were postponed for 3 months. Here are my views on the whole saga.
1. The present chess Kenya administration has done little to boost chess in Kenya
2. Kenyan chess players must play by the rules, if the constitution says you have to be a member to vote then the rule stands.
3. The 'Nairobi chess clique think they are the only ones to run chess in Kenya.
4. To attract sponsorship all this issues have to be sorted out
5. The chairman must be someone of high repute and one who can woo sponsors.
6. Active chess players should not be elected to demanding jobs
7. The all African games debacle shows how corrupt the present CK administration is.
8. A new breed of brilliant leaders must be elected but not the checkmates radicals who are trying a revolution that will eventually be more corrupt than the current one


Anonymous said...

I don't kow of any checkmates memebrs wanting to be CK officials. In fact some have been asked but they have all refused! They apparently think CK is useless and things can only happen by developing the club.

kimbhari said...

Dear Friends

I had promised myself not to get involved in chess politics after 1999 but
after 8 years I see the same issue. Chess players in Kenya are just trying
to dig a hole in water. I have gone through the constitution and found it
to be a much better document than the one we had many years ago. Why waste
so much time and energy doing another constitution?? We are writing a new
constitution to fit chess players who have ignored the current one. Will
the new one be followed. Never , Never Never. Turmoil will continue as it
has since the first chairman was there. His name was Mr Sikand by the way.

The way forward is as follows;

1 The National chess league be set up by teams paying the membeship fee that
is set out in the constitution ie Ksh 15k for corporates and 5k for non
2. The school league be set up with the schools paying Ksh 5k
3. The provincial branches for Nyanza, Nairobi and Rift VAlley can be set up
without much effort. We have Shakeel in Kisumu, Korrir in Eldoret and we
have many people for the Nairobi Province.
4 CK should co-opt two people into the committee to help in organising these
two leagues which are LONG LONG overdue
5. The elections are then held under the new constitution in Feb 2008 by
which time the league is well underway.
6. Only authorised delegates will then be allowed into the voting hall.
This idea of all chess players turning up at AGM is completely wrong. Can
you imagine all hockey players going to city park for elections. the Riot
police will clobber all you little pawns and chase you back to your Rooks.
Or Kasparav and Karpov going for the Russian Chess Federation AGM. Guys let
us be serious.

Guys the game of chess is suffering. Sponsors are not interested in fancy
documents they want to see action on the board. the silent majority want to
castle long, castle short, capture, check and checkmate!

I will be sending a letter of protest to the sports council on how they have
handled this affair.


Edwin korir said...

Bahri you give very interesting ideas. i wish the whole chess fratenity could think like you

Anonymous said...
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