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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The All African Games are currently taking place in Mozambique. The Kenyan team is composed of a variety of disciplines one of them being chess. Mehul Gohil who is part of the Kenyan chess team has been providing the Kenya chess forum with regular updates.

Hi guys,

Africa's 2nd strongest chess team (arguably) Zambia crushed us
3.5-0.5. Gateri probably had some chances against IM Chumfwa but
mishandled the mid game complications. Akello was basically dismantled
courtesy of his naivety. He played a line HE KNEW had a refutation.
But he thought it was so complex his IM opponent would not find it.
Well, his opponent, the mighty IM Daniel Jere (who I think will be the
next Zambian GM...he's just damn good) not only knew the whole line in
depth but executed the refutation at almost blitz/rapid speed and our
guy was left with an egg on his face. On Board 4, Chumfwa's younger
bro managed to launch a K-side attack which broke through.

On Board 3 I drew with IM Richard Phiri. This I think is my best game
of this event. I out-prepared my opponent and knew what the mid-game
plans were, spotted a neat d5 breakthrough that consolidated my
advantage, built up a winning attack...but then all that calculation
meant by move 30 both my opponent and I were down to our last minute!!
I naturally miscalculated and unleashed an exchange sac thinking it
was decisive (when maintaining tension was best) only to find the IM
wriggle out and I had to force a perpetual against his king or risk

Tomorrow we play Ethiopia in the last round.

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