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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The All African Games are currently taking place in Mozambique. The Kenyan team is composed of a variety of disciplines one of them being chess. Mehul Gohil who is part of the Kenyan chess team has been providing the Kenya chess forum with regular updates.


Hi guys,

Sorry, I cocked up. Like Arsene Wenger i messed up a winning position in the
game against Botswana with the timid ...Qf8 rather than ...Qxh4 which I was
going to play but got panicky. Stupid me. Kenya lost 4-0.

It feels shit to lose. The worst feeling in the world. Some of my colleagues
have lost more than one game. I can only imagine how much worse they are
feeling. Tomorrow we got Ghana and at today's rest day am just having too
much fun and getting that loss out of the system.

I have nothing more to say except now I have to win all my remaining 3-4
games in order to get a medal. Ghana and Madagascar should be sure point...the
other 1-2 points I'll have to work extra hard.

I just hate losing. So much.

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