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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The All African Games are currently taking place in Mozambique. The Kenyan team is composed of a variety of disciplines one of them being chess. Mehul Gohil who is part of the Kenyan chess team has been providing the Kenya chess forum with regular updates.

Hi guys,

Madagascar beat us 3-1 with Gateri clinching the point in an
interesting game on Board 1. Madagascar guys are a new team that is
well trained with them having a coach and in this tournament they have
been giving some of the top dogs a run for their money (or medal).
Very serious chaps and we could learn from them. I was offered a draw
by my opponent in a position where neither of us could make any
progress. I should have taken it but the desire to get a point made me
take risks and I was duly punished.

Today we play the might Zambian team.

Tomorrow we wind up and head home day after.

There is a lot I have learned t and I will put down some critical points
in a later report. Somethings you have no idea of their existence
until you have experienced it.

For a debut performance I think I have done OK. But I guess you guys
expected better. I don't think I could have done better as I put in
the max. I cannot emphasis we need to play in 3 or 4 such events in a
year as there is no better way to improve then playing stronger
opposition. Whether we organize lots of classical events back home or
not, if we don't play stronger guys we will not reach far. I already
feel I should play in another FIDE rated as soon as possible in order
to consolidate my 'learning' these sides. Waiting one year for an
Olympiador something would just make no sense and the time gap would
make any learnt lessons irrelevant.

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kerry said...

kenya athletes are making us really proud. go for more medals and let the national anthem become the african love song